In-Depth Post Number 4

I have finally begun! After a sifting through a list of ten poems that Bayleigh recommended, I have finally jumped into the world of poetry.

I read all ten poems a couple of times, to properly appreciate the format and meanings behind the verses. I discussed what I got out of the poems, and took into account where I could apply these things in writing my own poetry.

Next, Bayleigh asked me to just take a shot, and write something. I’m not 100% happy with it yet, and I intend to put in some more work before sending it off to Bay. Additionally, I doubt the poem is good enough to post here quite yet, though as my confidence in my poetic ability increases, so will my frequency of sharing my works. For now, I’ll leave the details out, but it is about eight or nine lines long and it’s pretty cheesy.

The most difficult mentoring challenge so far has been logistics, getting a hold of my mentor and maintaining regular contact has been the most difficult, however this is mostly my fault. Because of time differences, and my own procrastination replying, this has been somewhat of an issue.

Something that is working quite well is our colloquialism and comfort around eachother. Lately we have been able to skip formalities and get down to poetry, which is fine by me. I think this is equal parts caused by both of us, which is great!

Something that could be working better would be my prioritization of in-depth, as it is somewhat on the backburner for me. In future I will prioritize in-depth over recreation, so that my project can be done more effectively and with greater ease.

Overall, I would say this last fortnight has been one of my more productive ones. Bye!