In-Depth Post Number 6

Hullabaloo is soon.

Emma, Jamie and I are really working at our poetry to be ready for this Friday, when we will be first performing. We have all of our poems now written, and now it is up to us to dedicate our many pieces to memory so they are ready to go.

I will be performing (hopefully) five pieces. Assuming we make it to finals (here’s hoping!) I will be performing three solo pieces, and two team pieces over this weekend. 15 minutes total of poetry!

We saw Jacob for the first time in a little while, and he saw the majority of our pieces for the first time during a lovely three hour session (my finger still hurts from snapping during ‘Friendzone’). We all have our homework to complete for Hullabaloo, most of which comes down to memorization.

I wish I was able to show some actual proof of progress in my poetry, but because it is spoken word I think that my poems wouldn’t really have the full effect when read. After Hullabaloo, however, I will be on YouTube a couple of times, and I will be posting links to videos of my performances. In the mean-time, however, is one of my solo pieces, entitled “The Battlefield”. Probably my least polished poem, I still need to tweak the ending as per Jacob’s advice, but overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

“The Battlefield”

By Lyle Hendriks

The warrior awakens to a battle

They survive breakfast

They fight their way to the street, maintaining the upper hand

They step into the humid cavern of the bus and fall asleep

Never sure how long this break in the fight will last, but taking advantage of every moment of rest they can get

Of course, now would be an excellent time to finish that essay…

But alas! An ambush, as our heroic warrior is crippled with a blow to the knee

‘Later’, the soldier grunts

Wounded in body but not in vigour, the warrior enters the evil fortress known only by the name of

High School

The warrior is tasked with their first challenge

An ancient rite of passage, known as the project daunts our champion

Raising their sword, they prepare to do battle with the shadowy waves of the enemy and get towards the intimidating wall  – the task at hand

A slash left, a lunge right, a spinning solar plexus combo and a decapitation finisher makes short work of the dark forces

Safe for the moment, they advance towards the task ahead, a shimmering wall, seemingly impenetrable

As they prepare to strike, our hero is suddenly aware of a sharp pain

Looking down, a survivor of the previous altercation has lost his weapon, and bit the hero in their ankle

The pain is excruciating, but as the inky black venom from the void-filled enemy’s teeth joins with his blood, a numb sensation overtakes any discomfort

As if high on heroin, our hero slash heroine stumbles around in a stupor

They know action needs to be taken but their lord for whom they’ve performed this crusade has vanished

The feeling of total euphoria is overwhelming, but so is the guilt of inaction

The Lord Motivation remains absolute!

The warrior feels the strength within them to raise their sword, and chops off the poisoned leg

The time to take action is now!

They hobble to the project and run it through with their blade, abolishing it from the warrior’s timetable

The hero is bleeding motivation, and blood, but they are almost there!

Stepping towards the exit, the hero feels a swell of pride deep in their belly

Suddenly, everything happens at once

Caught at the ankle, the wind and pride knocked out of a set of struggling lungs

Legs swept, the hero hits the flagstones chest-first. Looking up at the being who now holds the warrior’s life in its hands… he abandons hope

For there, standing above him is an evil figure thought to be nothing more than legend

And yet here he is, standing at eight feet tall in cloven hooves… is Tommorow

He has finally caught up

In a last attempt to fight in the name of Motivation, our once champion raises their blade, but something is wrong

The godly light the sword once possessed is gone, just like the feeling of motivation in the feeble fighters soul

One swing is deflected from the shins of Tomorrow

Another and the blade shatters

Tomorrow cackles, and smites the hero, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes on the ground

In a battle of good versus evil

Now versus later

Motivation has vanished


I hope you enjoyed!

This week is crunch time, but I know the team and I are going to make it through!

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