Voltaire – Every Man is Equal

I spend my days in the darkness, my arms pinned to my sides and unable to breathe as the soil fills my throat. If I had known it would be like this, I would have been cremated.

Don’t ask me how, but despite my death I have heard of the King’s arrest. Finally! It appears the people of France have finally gotten the courage to own their own nation.

I know of much public outcry for the death of the king, without trial. I would like the death of the King as much as anybody, but if Robespierre wants a country where every man is equal, then the King deserves his trial too. With the recent surfacing of his box of correspondence with Austria, any trial that he is granted is unlikely to go well.

I think now that the monarch has been ousted, what should happen is obvious. The republic that Robespierre has been fighting for all this time can now exist. The prices of bread can go down to what they once were, and the people of France can live employed and fed and we can finally move forward with our lives.

However, I feel this Robespierre is up to something. While everything is in place for a progressive France, the pieces are all also ready to fall together in Robespierre’s favour. The potential here for total reign over France is enormous, and I am worried. These words are not what the newly ‘liberated’ people of France want to hear, and frankly, it is not what I want to hear either. But I believe the people who truly wish for a republic of France must hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Voltaire out.

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