Voltaire – May I Finally Rest In Peace?

Technically speaking, the revolution has ended. King Louis is dead, and Robespierre’s reign of terror has ended, but France is in a state of recovery. Still reeling from so much death, France is more vulnerable than ever but I believe that the revolution has finally ended and maybe a modern France can begin to exist.


I look at the mess that the revolution of France and I can’t help but wonder what it has accomplished. The king is dead, but the reign of terror was even worse than the reign of Louis. They are now vulnerable to any attack and France really must start on making some friends. I think of the revolution has accomplished anything, it is that the people of France can not be antagonized so far, and that eventually they will rise up. I think that the revolution has made history for centuries to come and will be a classic example of uprising.


I’m pretty dead by this point, but I hope that I will be remembered as a forerunner of the revolution, poking fun at the royals in the Bastille decades before it was stormed. I hope I’ll be remembered for being the first couch protestor.


Au revoir,




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