In-Depth Post Number 7 – It’s Been a Wild Ride

So last weekend, Jamie, Emma and I participated in Hullabaloo 2014. We performed our hearts out and made it all the way to finals along with three other teams.Three solo pieces and one team piece later, and we were up on stage awaiting to hear what our placing was.

After much anticipation, RC Weslowski, our host for the evening announced that the Fedorables (that’s us!) had tied with Slamsworth for second place! We were so happy to make it so far, especially for our very first year competing.

Emma is especially talented in poetry, and always has been, and she did extremely well on the Hullabaloo stages. I couldn’t ask for a better captain of our team and she led by excellent example.

Jamie improved immensely from what his poetry was before, and he was excellent to perform alongside in both Teen Literature, and Friendzone.

On the note of our team pieces, I am especially proud of Teen Literature, a two person poem I performed with Jamie about… well, teen literature. It was a satire in the vein of infomercials like ShamWow. The jokes were well-received and Jamie and I complimented eachother well in the poem to keep our pace up.

Besides the poetry itself, Hullabaloo was a great chance to meet teams from all over BC. I’m now Facebook friends with team members from Delta, and all over Vancouver Island. They were all extremely talented and very friendly, and were a lot of fun to dance into the early hours of the morning at the after-party.

So with Hullabaloo done, we are still writing. Jacob has asked us to write another competition poem, one that we would never usually perform. This is likely so we can step out of our comfort zones in writing. I am working on another satire, although with a different topic matter than usual.

For in-depth night, I plan to perform a few pieces of poetry in front of the audience along with Jamie and Emma. We are looking at doing one solo piece and one team piece each. Beyond this, I will likely just mingle and answer any questions about my poetry.

In-Depth has been a wild ride and the last couple of months has definitely changed my life for the better, and I will never forget the people I’ve met and the poetry I’ve heard and performed. It was an amazing time and I’m so glad TALONS gave me the opportunity to do something like this.

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