In-Depth – Week 3

Unfortunately, I have not made a lot of headway on my project yet. With my workload in school and being made to write about my in-depth more than I am being made to work on it, I’ve not had much time to sit down and get to work. I still need to meet with my mentor to discuss ways to start, however with the inclusion of the integrated essay in my life I may be a little more prepared for that meeting. My initial learning on the topic has increased marginally, though frankly research is not much of a replacement for an actual mentor.

Because I kind of forgot to actually talk about why Karla is my mentor for this project in my last post, I will do that now. Karla’s full time job is not restoration, however she has been restoring items that she has been skillfully integrating into her home for many years. I don’t intend to be doing anything quite too drastic in my restoration, such as rebuilding half of the piece. Most of my projects will be hopefully be cleaning, refinishing, painting and possibly a bit of light carpentry.

Because of my lack of actually meeting with Karla yet, I am not really sure how I can talk on how I’ve integrated the first three habits of ‘How to Have a Beautiful Mind’ in our discussions. However I will do my best:

1, 2, & 3. How to agree, how to disagree, and how to differ

In some project topics, this topic would be much more relevant. However, in restoration, the project is almost entirely process-based, and much like doing math, there is one right way to do it and many, many wrong ways. It is also a craft that, while somewhat teachable through books and research, is primarily learned through experience and doing projects repeatedly. Because I have no experience, and Karla has a lot, really her word on anything restoration-process based is gospel to me.

Hopefully, week four will bring with it a little more substance to write about.


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