In-Depth – Hour 672

My project is fairly underway this week. I met with Karla last week, and we discussed my goals and what I kind of foresee myself doing in this product. She answered a lot of my questions, surprising me sometimes too. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that she rarely works more than a weekend on a project. I think that this will make the project a lot more compartmentalized and easy to do in conjunction with my other responsibilities this coming semester.

I have been looking online and have been trying to figure out a relatively easy first project. A table of some kind is what I have in mind at the moment, however I need to visit thrift stores and other resources in the area soon and look around for an actual item to restore.

I have already found myself talking about restoration a decent amount with people who know very little about it. For all the stress that the research essay on the topic put on to me, I must admit it gave me a good baseline knowledge base. It also armed me with something to discuss with Karla, while still showing that I have plenty of room to learn. In regards to our last meeting, I thought that I successfully implemented De Bono’s three objectives in a conversation, although I wouldn’t say I had an agenda in the matter. We very much reached agreement, ¬†we worked a plan out together and I am already on the way to implementing the first ‘phase’ of it. We had some points of difference, however I very much consider myself the knowledgeably inferior one in this relationship, so I am going by what Karla says for the most part. This may change when I am more experienced in restoration, but for the moment I am content with it. Our time together was very interesting, our conversation was effective and all my questions were answered. I hope that our next meeting will be just as effective as our last one.

This is all I have for now, I’ll be back in 336 hours.

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