In-Depth Post Number Four

So tonight was the first night I actually did any restoration work. It was actually more fun that I ever thought it could be. It was rewarding and relaxing, and I felt like I made really fantastic progress. Rather than walking you through the process, I will be showing a bunch of photos I took tonight.

The first stage, a plain table painted in off-white.

Pictured: Furniture stripper and steel wool 

After applying stripper, I got to work scraping the paint off, which peeled away quite easily once the stripper did it’s job.

Puttin’ in that work


Getting close to scraping the top coat of paint off!

Finished the top, this is just the natural, untreated wood plus the white legs.

Onto the more criteria stuff:

I’m learning a lot about restoration. There are lots of small questions I had along the process and many of them are not detailed in any guides. Having a mentor who knows a lot about the process is very helpful for any small, less fundamental questions I have about this topic. These were also the questions I asked to check on facts and details.

I am always open to anything Karla tells me. I am seriously uneducated in this field, and like I said before I consider her advice as very very good and correct.

Some of the alternative viewpoints I saw were mostly just ways that Karla¬†did things that I didn’t quite expect. For example, I didn’t realize that paint stripper worked exactly the way it does. It lifts and loosens the paint so that you could scrape it away.

So far the values that Karla and I have have been quite similar. Beyond our restoration relationship we get alone quite well in my opinion. It’s a good relationship, and I am having a very rewarding experience so far.

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