This Land Needs Able Men

Hello, my name is George Brown. You may place ‘The honourable’ before that if you wish. I’m 25 years old and have just moved to Canada, and while it’s different from Scotland, I do like it a little better. Canada is a virgin nation and there are so many firsts to be taken here, for example it’s first newspaper. I was a reporter and I intend to carry on doing that, which is why I have recently started¬†The Banner. By doing this I hope to bring more infrastructure to Canada, I believe that an informed population will help in forming this place into something more civilized.

The first big story that I am going to be covering will be the state of the local prison, Kingston Penitentiary. I am quite interested in the going-ons of this institution, but without more formal support I believe that it may be a dead-end for the time being. I have reason to believe, however, that this prison is corrupt, and that the warden is abusive. If only I was in charge, then I could make an actual change.

At the moment, Canada is a young place, and there is still much to happen. I desperately want to help Canada in these early years, but I am a journalist, not a politician. Perhaps more time will bring with it a new set of skills that will improve my odds of winning an election.

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