Political Cartoon – Eagle Spirit vs Northern Gateway

My political cartoon focused on a currently conceptual oil pipeline being proposed to many first nations bands. It is being advertised as a safety-first, environmentally conscience pipeline, geared towards aboriginal nations that the pipeline would be running through. The obvious branding to natives could be taken as satire, after all, what name could be more ridiculous and sounding as though an ignorant white man made it up on the fly than¬†Eagle Spirit?¬†The most interesting thing is that Eagle Spirit is being offered as an alternative to Northern Gateway, but the only differences are that it takes a different route. To me, based on the research I could dig up on the pipeline, it appears to be run by similar people as those in charge of Northern Gateway, rich, profit-driven white men who’s first concern is their own financial benefit. So I drew this simple cartoon which depicts a man in a suit, implied to be a representative of Northern Gateway. All the onlookers are protesting and experiencing great public outcry, which is similar to what is happening currently. In the second panel, it is a near identical scene, with the same man only this time wearing a chieftain hat, which is meant to represent the simple rebranding of it. All the onlookers are cheering wildly and supporting it, which is a representation of all the natives that refused Northern Gateway but now are responding well to this near identical pipeline.

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