The Cotton Eye Joe Socials Post

Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did we come from, where will we go? Where did we come from cotton-eye humanity?

This is a pretty loaded question, in my opinion. There are so many ways I could take such a question, but for the sake of not losing my fingers, I will take it in just one. I am taking the direction of morality in humankind. There are many things that humans have done throughout history  that are seriously terrible, often unquestionably. For example, extreme genocide, slavery of entire races, and many other atrocities that humans have committed against other humans throughout history.

I don’t believe that humans have ever gotten better or worse throughout history, only the things we have done have changed. I have considered the fact that modern inventions that seek to improve general quality of life or to stop atrocities towards humans now exist, but I think that morality and the actions that it so effects have simply transcended more obvious boundaries.

Where did we come from in terms of morality? Slavery is a massive item on this list that occurs time and time again throughout history. The Bible, a book written over 2000 years ago, discusses slaves in some detail. In the Bible, it is spoken of in a very matter of fact way, such as you or I would speak about any typical thing in our daily lives. Slavery was talked about quite candidly, and for the people ‘winning’ (those who benefited from the oppression of slaves) they discussed it like nothing was wrong, and to them, nothing was. No one who was benefiting from slavery likely thought that what they were doing was wrong, because that was just the way things were.

When slavery was at a more modern peak in the time of the discovery of the ‘New World’, slaves were treated as a pure commodity, worked literally to death and then replaced in batches. These days, this is a disgusting notion that nearly every reasonable person would agree is awful, but at the time, these slavers thought of the people they used as slaves as less than human, as an inferior being.

These days, most people think and agree that slavery is terrible and wrong, however other things have become entirely normal that would never have flown in the past. One to five hundred years ago, it was not normal for one person to know the daily goings-on’s in another person, however thanks to the normalization of social media, I can look nearly any person I know (or not) up and find out where they are or what sort of things they like, things you usually had to find out through speaking to them for a decent amount of times. Things you had to find out through becoming their friend (more so than clicking a button on Facebook).

I believe that while some things change, humans and their oddities really don’t.